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Articles Of The Week October 27, 2019


The number one reason patients come to see us is to help them with their pain, which makes it important for us to understand how pain works and in turn how we can help them. This is a great post that shows us how our brain and central nervous system modulate pain and how it applies to us.

“Descending Modulation: Why Massage Therapy Can Alleviate Pain” – Mark Olson

While it’s important to share content on therapy topics, we are all in business, so it’s great when another therapist shares what they’ve learned from making mistakes. Here’s some help on what you can do with SEO for your therapy website. 

“An SEO Odyssey” – Jennifer Fleming

For those of us who work in sport (and perhaps some of us who don’t) how many times have you been asked for a “leg flush”? Well this stems from some old school thinking that we could somehow flush toxins, more specifically lactic acid out of the legs to help with recovery after exercise. Well, we can’t actually do that and this post gives us some great clarity on that. 

“Mythbusting: Massage Removes Lactic Acid” – Daniel Wonnocott

We are constantly recommending self care to patients, but how often are we taking it ourselves? Another question is, are we taking the right type of rest? It turns out there are seven types of rest we need and different ways to get it.

“The 7 Types Of Rest You Need To Actually Feel Recharged” – Molly Shea

When you’re working with female patients do you interact or communicate with them differently than male patients? Are the narratives we use different between genders? According to our friend Ellie Somers, there is.

“Considerations for Female Athletes Part 1: Fragility Narratives” – Ellie Somers

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