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Articles Of The Week June 30, 2019


Ever have patients come in dealing with, or have questions about plantar fasciitis? Here is everything you need to know about the etiology, related conditions, diagnosis, and treatment options.

“Save Yourself From Plantar Fasciitis” – Paul Ingraham

We have discussed many of the things in this article, on this blog before, but it’s good to keep sharing good info on treatment for low back pain. Even more encouraging is how good science is being promoted on mainstream media, hopefully, this means more positive change for patients is coming.

“A Comprehensive Guide To The New Science Of Treating Low Back Pain” – Julia Belluz

There are several contributing factors to how we each experience pain and culture can be an important one. This is important for all of us to learn about as we can have patients of varying backgrounds, culture, religion and even family history that affects how they deal with pain, so we may have to alter how we help each one of them.

“How Different Cultures Experience And Talk About Pain” – Roland Sussex

Unfortunately, there was an article making the rounds last week with some fear mongering information in it regarding kids cell phone use causing them to “grow horns”. Fortunately, someone came up with an excellent answer to the article, so we can provide an accurate response should our patients ask us about it.

“No, Your Kids Evil Cellphone Won’t Give Them Horns” – Kristina Killgrove

We all know how important touch is and it turns out the way we touch others are shaped by our personal and generational affective history. I wonder if this alters treatments between therapists as well?

“Touch Biographies Reveal Transgenerational Nature Of Touch” – Massage Therapy Canada

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