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Articles Of The Week June 2, 2019

Inevitably this topic comes up regularly due to various things we once thought were causes of pain. How do we know if a persons pain from say, something like posture, is the cause, or there’s just an association between the two? This post helps us understand the different variables that come in to play with research and some of the bias’ involved.

“Association Or Causation, How Do We Ever Know?” – Hopin Lee

A great story of how an eighth-grade student is helping people in pain with homecare kits she made herself. On the basis of using distraction and relaxation, her kits were put to use in a clinical setting and had some pretty amazing results with the patients who used the kits.

“Loveland Student Tackles Pain With Clam Kits” – Pamela Johnson

The body likes stimulus, but how much do we need? Well, it depends on what you’re trying to do. If we want to make a lasting change one stimulus exposure is probably not going to make much of a difference, however, repeated exposure over time is more likely to be successful.

“Overcoming The Inertia Of The Body” – Ian Harvey

There are many contributing factors to people experiencing pain, sleep can be a major one. “After one night of inadequate sleep, brain activity ramps up in pain-sensing regions while activity is scaled back in areas responsible for modulating how we perceive painful stimuli”.

“Poor Sleep At Night, More Pain The Next Day” – Science Daily

Want to be happy? Start working on relationships.

“An 81-year Harvard Study Says Staying Happy and Mentally Sharp Boils Down to 1 Thing”Scott Mautz

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