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Articles Of The Week May 26, 2019

How many times have you promoted exercise as homecare to your patients to try and improve their health? Well, now doctors are getting on board with exercise and mental health. Findings from the study reveal that physical exercise is so effective at alleviating patient symptoms that it could reduce patients’ time admitted to acute facilities and reliance on psychotropic medications.

“Exercise Is The New Primary Prescription For Those With Mental Health Problems” – Neuroscience News

Interesting, this study demonstrated a higher level of oxytocin release and a possible improvement in Autism Spectrum Disorders, but there is a catch. Read on to find out why.

“Foot Massage May Increase Oxytocin And Affect Brains Reward Regions, But There’s A Catch” – Nick Ng

Need to upgrade your research game, but afraid of getting swamped by all the articles that don’t help? Here are some tactics to help you avoid getting weighed down with the research you don’t need.

“9 Pubmed Ninja Skills” – Hilda Bastion

If you’re blogging for your massage business at all (which I hope you are) then you understand the struggle of writing science-based articles and making them easy to read. Well, here’s some great advice from Greg Nukols on how he manages to do it.

“Write Science-Based Content That People Will Actually Read” – Jerilyn Covert

We wear many hats as Massage Therapists, business owners, marketers, therapists, and coaches…yes coaches. Each time a person is on your table and you’re communicating with them, you’re also coaching them on movement, homecare, and psychosocial aspects of life! But what about when they don’t do the recommendations you’re giving them? Well, maybe it’s the coaching!?

“Why Won’t Clients Just Do What I Say?!?!” How To Fix Every Coach’s #1 Frustration.” – Julia Malacoff

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