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Articles Of The Week May 19, 2019

We know that communication with patients is a crucial part of treatment, so the way we talk about pain is equally important. Helping a patient rephrase their pain and how they talk to themselves about it can be helpful in encouraging resilience and decreasing pain.

“The Right Words Matter When Talking About Pain” – Michael Vagg

Yet another example of how loading tissue can help injuries. This research shows how exercise has anti-inflammatory effects and helps prevent cartilage degradation in conditions associated with arthritis.

“Exercise Helps Prevent Cartilage Damage Caused By Arthritis” – Queen Mary University of London

Reddened skin, mechanical effects, pressure ulcers, venous insufficiency, and all other things related to circulation and massage. This outlines where evidence is and is not in favour of the idea that massage increases circulation.

“Does Massage Increase Circulation?” – Paul Ingraham

Quite often the value of a relaxation massage gets devalued as we look to prove what massage therapy can do. However, we should never doubt it’s value and this post gives us some quality assurances around the benefits of a great relaxation treatment.

“Massage Therapy For Stress And Anxiety” – RMTAO

When products get the label of “natural’ or “organic” we automatically assume it’s better for us. Well according to the NIH, this isn’t necessarily the case. While some of them may be good for us and some supplements may come from natural sources, it doesn’t always mean it’s safer or better for us.

“Natural Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Safer, Or Better” – NIH

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