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Articles Of The Week April 7, 2019

All too often when the term biopsychosocial comes up, people think it’s out of the scope of Massage Therapists because we aren’t a psychologist. Well, you don’t have to be a psychologist to work this into your practice, and making this part of your practice is quite frankly a must. Fortunately, it’s broken down well for us in this article.

“The Biopsychosocial Model: What It Means For RMT’s” – Eric Purves

When patients hear they have a “bulged, or herniated disc” it immediately causes concern in regards to back pain. and the very thought of lifting anything heavy could strike fear into people. But, like so many other things in the body, when things are under load, the disc will adapt and get better.

“Why You Can And Should Lift Weights With A Herniated Disc” – Alex Kraszewski

Massage therapy is beginning to gain more acceptance within the medical community and in some cases is becoming a demand. Such is the case in some hospice care facilities as the public begins to demand massage become available for their loved ones.

“The Comfort Of Hospice Massage At Life’s End” – Bill Ward

Not sure what to listen to on your morning commute? Here’s a list of podcasts for massage therapists on various topics around rehab, business, education, and science.

“Podcasts For Massage Therapists” – Richard Lebert

Do you ever treat, or are worried about treating people with MS because you don’t have any training working on that condition? Well, you don’t really need extra training, just a better understanding of the condition and the knowledge that massage therapy can help.

“Multiple Sclerosis, Massage, And Me” – Sharon Livingstone

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