Sunday, March 10, 2019

Articles Of The Week March 10, 2019


Communication is important…like REALLY important. In fact, a study has found that verbal, eye contact, body language, and listening skills are just as important as our hands-on time with patients.

“Physiotherapy Patient Interaction A Key Ingredient To Pain Reduction Research Says” – University Of Alberta

Are you prepared to work with people who have experienced trauma? Well, first we probably have to understand what trauma is, and what can cause it. Additionally, there are four other things that can help us understand and be better therapists when it comes to trauma.

“These 4 Essential Skills Will Help You Practice Trauma-Informed Massage” – Sage Hayes

We have heard so much over the years about positive thinking. But did you know positive thinking can actually strengthen the connections in your brain, to get rid of negative thoughts and help improve your brain?

“Your Brain Has A Delete Button, Here’s How To Use It” – Judah Pollack & Olivia Fox Cabane

Pain is subjective, so reducing it means different things to different patients. It also depends on each persons interpretation and meaning of pain, so part of the process is navigating what it means to people. So, does reducing pain in one person, mean the same for the next?

“Why Reducing Pain Intensity Doesn’t Always Mean A Better Outcome” – Bronnie Lennox Thompson

We need to stop blaming back pain (or other pain for that matter) because of muscular instability or weakness. This article does a great job of dissecting why we need to stop blaming the transverse abdominus for back pain.

“Why We Need To Stop Blaming Transverse Abdominus For Low Back Pain” – Brendan Mouatt

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