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Articles Of The Week February 17, 2019


As a group of people who work on people’s backs every day, this is of interest to you. New research is showing that the spinal cord can process more complex functions and some of these functions open up new areas to investigate.

“Spinal Cord Is Smarter Than Previously Thought” – University Of Western Ontario

In this business one of the best things you can do for your practice is build RELATIONSHIPS. So, can you really do this with a business card? It’s probably not as effective as you getting their contact information.

“To Business Card, Or Not To Business Card” – Marty Morales

Most of the time when people come to us it’s because they are dealing with pain of some sort. But what do we do when the pain persists? How do we tell the patient that maybe we can’t help them? Can they live with the idea that their pain may never cease? There may be some things we can say which can still help the person experience a life that is fulfilling.

“Why Do Clinicians Fear Telling People Their Pain May Persist” – Bronnie Lennox Thompson

No matter the modality, someone has said: “but I’ve seen it work”. This usually results in hesitation to update our thinking or model of care in helping patients. If we update our understanding, we increase the quality of care we are giving our patients and isn’t that something we should all want?

“The Biggest Error In Pain Management (You Might Be Doing)” – Lars Avemarie

There is a direct correlation between sleep and pain management. In fact, as this article points out, one study showed a 15% reduction in pain threshold! Another trial showed that poor sleep quality resulted in higher ratings an a pain scale. So go encourage your patients to get a good nights sleep.

“Why It Hurts To Lose Sleep” – Benedict Carey

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