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Articles Of The Week January 13, 2019

Have you ever been wrong? I have been A LOT! The question is, can you be humble enough to admit it and in turn change? Can you have intellectual humility? Well, an argument is being made that science (and healthcare) need to cultivate more intellectual humility to advance. Part of this is having a balance between our convictions and humility because we need to listen to each other.

“Intellectual Humility: The Importance Of Knowing You Might Be Wrong” – Brian Resnick

Keep in mind this post is satire! However, it makes a great point about fads in our industry. I found it funny and I hope you and your patients do too.

“Ask Dr. Dumb: All About Foam Rolling” – Mark Remy

Written by a doctor this article gives some sound advice about most things ‘fad’ in the health and wellness industry. Much of it could certainly be applied to many of the manual therapy groups boasting huge benefits to their new technique (which I have fallen for and taken courses on in the past). Wellness for us and our patients are meant to be a good thing, not a complicated explanation full of pseudoscience.

“Don’t Fall Prey To The Cult Of Wellness” – Margaret McCartney

Early in my career (and I know I’m not alone) I would always use the pain scale of 0-10, with 0 being nothing and 10 being ‘the worst pain you’ve ever felt’. In the hospital setting, doctors and nurses are saying this system doesn’t work and are trying something new. They’re using words instead and asking is the pain ‘tolerable’, having them describe the pain, talking about function, not feeling.

“Words That Matter When Talking About Pain With Your Doctor” – Patti Neighmond

Unfortunately, mental health doesn’t always get the recognition it needs (although it seems things are getting better). This seems to be an issue in sport, as athletes sometimes think they need to ‘tough it through’ a concussion, or other mental health issues. Well, we know this isn’t the case, so the question arises, if there were a simple test that showed a mental health disorder, would we treat it differently?

“What If There Were A Test That Showed The Signs Of A Mental Health Disorder?” – Dr. Tom Ungar


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