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Articles Of The Week November 25, 2018


I’m sure most of us have been through at least a minor version of this in our careers. That moment when we examine evidence and theories, only to realize…we’re wrong. It can make what we do in our profession difficult, but it also brings about new opportunity.

“Reflections:4 Years In” – Tristen Attenborough

Non-specific low back pain is an explanation many of us may shy away from because it’s not really a diagnosis. However, it’s probably the most common type of low back pain and is it really necessary for us to come up with a diagnosis or explanation?

“Non-Specific Low Back Pain Exists, You Just Don’t Want To Admit It” – Greg Lehman

There is lots of discussion in our profession around placebo and it’s effects. There are plenty of modalities out there with grand explanations of what it does, however, research shows those techniques have more placebo effect than the explanations given. However, this article makes the argument that placebo effect is not a thing. Would love to hear your opinions on this!

“The Placebo Myth” – Mark Crislip

We know that research is important but sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to trust the research paper you’re looking at or the research that is being cited. This is a long but important post on how to figure all of that out!

“When To Trust Research Findings” – Greg Nukols

She seems to be making this list quite regularly, but I really like what Raechel is doing with her blog, as it should benefit other Massage Therapists greatly. Here are three legs that shape an evidence-informed massage therapy practice.

“What’s Evidence-Informed Massage?” – Raechel Haller

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