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Articles Of The Week October 14, 2018

We talk lots about exercise and strengthening around here, but is it always necessary? While I’m a firm believer in movement and loading tissue, sometimes a “mythical dysfunction” comes along and we’re taught very specific exercises to fix said dysfunction. But is it really necessary? Give this article a read to find out.

“Deep Cervical Flexor Training” – Paul Ingraham

Therapists quite often get caught up in “corrective exercises”. In line with these corrective exercises, they’re talking to their patients about how dysfunctional, or weak they are, rather than instilling strength and resilience. When the reality is, just getting stronger is corrective to whatever their treatment goals or issues are.

“Getting Stronger Is Corrective” – Tony Gentilcore

This one has a GREAT infographic along with some great information regarding the biopsychosocial aspects of therapy and how it can be explained to patients.

“Simple Tips To Improve Mental Health” – Keith McCarroll

Knowledge about pain has come a long way in the past few years. However, the teachings around it haven’t kept up the pace quite as well. That’s where some great posts like this one come out and help all of us gain a better understanding of chronic pain.

“A Better Understanding Of Chronic Pain” – Mark Olson

There are just as many misconceptions around exercise as there is about manual therapy. Fortunately, guys like Nick are out there sharing quality information. In this post, he shares lots of information and demonstrations of some lower body exercises (many of which you could perform right in your treatment room with patients) along with the explanations about why they’re important.

“The Missing Lower Body Exercises For Strength” – Nick Tumminello

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