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Articles Of The Week September 9, 2018

The way we communicate with patients is a crucial factor in their treatment and recovery from whatever their injury may be. There may be times when the language we use can leave a scar on our patient and actually harm them with our words. What kind of scar do you want to leave with your patients?

“Words Have Power – What Kind Of Scars Are You Leaving  Your Clients?” – Antony Lo

I think we all like to learn (otherwise, why would you be reading this?) and Richard has put together an awesome resource for all of us to learn from. Everything from podcasts, to blogs, and youtube channels, this could be your own personal learning network.

“Personal Learning Networks For Massage Therapists” – Richard Lebert

Considering getting into a debate online? This article outlines some better ways to “argue” that may help in your debating endeavours.

“How To Disagree Well: 7 Of The Best And Worst Ways To Argue” – Paul Ratner

I had a discussion with someone on the facebook page this week about this very topic. It seems there is an epidemic of people out there who’s “glutes aren’t firing”, but is this really even a thing? Fortunately, this article explains the pitfalls of this issue far better than I will ever be able to.

“Are Your Glutes Really Not Firing?” – Greg Lehman

There are many factors to our patient’s mechanism of pain. Part of what we as therapists need to do is figure out which mechanisms are the greatest contributor and provide our treatments accordingly. This is a great post which outlines some of the ways we can accomplish that.

“A Mechanistic Approach To Pain Management: Applying The Biopsychosocial Approach To Physical Therapy” – Laura Frey Law, Ruth Chimenti, and Kathleen Sluka


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