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Articles Of The Week September 2, 2018

This is a great start to our articles from Greg Lehman. The words and language we use with patients matters and some of the language has to stop! The article generated a lot of discussion on our facebook page, so hopefully, it will get more therapists thinking about their communication with patients.

“Watch Your Mouth, The Nonsense Is Breaking Many” – Greg Lehman

This is another article attempting to dispel some myths, however, its about strength and conditioning. Fortunately, some of the topics are still applicable in manual therapy as well.

“10 Strength And Conditioning Practices That Are Overhyped” – Carl Valle

This one is actually a podcast and its a quick listen, so worth your time listening. One of the points I loved, is how the term “pain science,” has taken on its own life when in reality it’s just science. What matters is understanding how to help people who are in pain.

“Massage Therapy Now” – Eric Purves

We all have to prepare for the unknown. Whether it’s an injury, retirement, or just simple issues that could come up with our practice, we need to be prepared. This article shares some ideas on how to prepare, but also some ideas for extra income, or career shifts.

“Who Knows What Is In Your Future” – Sinead Kelly-Barber

Massage is a valuable healthcare modality, but it for some reason when it comes to the financial cost of getting a massage, some companies are undercutting prices, and in turn the value of our profession. This article shares some ideas on how to give your patients an experience they will value enough for you to charge appropriately.

“The Value Of Massage” – Julie Onofrio

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