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Articles Of The Week July 14, 2018

Joletta has always been great at sharing her pain experiences, so we can better understand what the patient is going through, but with this post, she shares some more personal information on a few topics including grief. And as always, it’s well worth the read.

“Our Shared Humanity, Grief, Why I’ve Been Away, And Some Musings On Pain, Biology, Life…” – Joletta Belton

As we have talked so many times about how pain is an output of the brain and has so much to do with the processing of injuries. Neuroplasticity of the brain is a component to this and this research review discusses neuroplastic changes and its role in moving an injury from acute to chronic long term.

“Research Review: Neuroplasticity In The Central Nervous System” – Whitney Lowe

We know how important educating our patients is, a study showed that education can actually lead to a significant reduction in disability, and improved mental and physical health.

“Don’t Be Afraid Of Pain” – Nicholas Bakalar

As someone who does a lot in the sport massage world, this is an interesting article. The title seems to reflect negatively on massage, but this isn’t the case. The broader point is to take into account what is better psychologically for the athlete.

“Massage Therapy Is No Better Than Dynamic Warm Up To Improve Sprinting Acceleration” Nick Ng

This is a great interview with our friend Shelly Prosko on how to integrate yoga as part of your practice to help patients with pain.

“How To Integrate Yoga Practice Into Modern Pain Practice” – Shelly Prosko



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