Sunday, March 4, 2018

Articles Of The Week March 4, 2018

This one is really interesting as it is several small interviews with different pain experts on different aspects of pain.

“Trust Me, I’m An Expert” – The Conversation

Next isn’t so much an article, it’s a video. But, it’s a great video you could use to help explain pain to patients (or anyone else for that matter). In less than five minutes you could give a simple explanation to patients about what’s going on with them.

“Understanding Pain In Less Than 5 Minutes” – Get PT 1st

Scientists have found “anxiety cells” in the hippocampus which regulate anxious behaviour. They have even found ways to silence them!

“Scientists Just Identified The Physical Source Of Anxiety In The Brain” – Peter Dockrill

It turns out the gut-brain connection is starting to show that certain foods influence the bacteria in our gut, which in turn can influence the mental health. The brain and serotonin are also directly influenced by the gut and dietary improvements may be a strategy for managing mental health.

“Is Your Diet Fighting Depression – Or Intensifying It?” – Natalie Shoemaker

Wow, it seems there’s lots on pain this week, but this is pretty cool! New fitness machines called Jymmin combine a mixture of working out and free musical improvisation, and they make us less sensitive to pain.

“Jymmin, How A Combination Of Exercise And Music Helps Us Feel Less Pain” – Neuroscience News

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