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Articles Of The Week December 10, 2017


Great article about pain and why we experience it. One of the great things about this article is that while we are becoming more aware of pain science in massage therapy, not all industries are as aware of the new research. So Elie Somers is bringing it to the strength training industry.

“What Is Pain And Why Do We Experience It” – Elie Somers

As we all heard about the Massage Envy stuff last week, there were blogs everywhere writing about it. But I found this one especially interesting. Is it possible that the Massage Envy debacle is our fault?

“An Open Letter To The Massage Therapy Profession: Massage Envy Is Our Fault” – Lauren Cates

There are many facets to our massage therapy and business. One facet is our massage schools and education. Apparently, some organizations expect schools to show up and have their students provide free work. But is this right, or should everyone have to pay for students to provide massage?

“Free Student Chair Massage? Nope!”  – Jill Berkana

I liked this one because there is a lot we can liken to being massage therapists. While our scope is different, there is a lot Paul is saying in this post we could look at as well. There is so much massage therapy can do to be part of healthcare, but WE have to evolve and develop in order to be looked at that way.

“Physiotherapy, Come Forward! (It’s Time To Step Out From Behind The Curtain)”  – Paul Lagerman

How is the culture in your clinic? Is it an open and psychologically safe place where comments and new ideas are easily presented? While it’s intended for companies with employees, this is something that could be applied in our clinics as well to create a culture of psychological safety.

“How To Create A Culture of Psychological Safety” – Jake Herway


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