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Beauty salons are just as much for men as women!

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Nowadays, grooming is becoming more and more popular among men of different ages. Today’s modern male can appreciate the necessity and benefits of male grooming, and indulge in his desire to both feel and look amazing. If you think about it, why do only women get to feel fabulous? With the array of different skin and body treatments tailored for men, you don’t have to feel left out.

At createyourbeauty.co.uk we offer a variety of male grooming services, so that you can be as taken care of as you deserve.


Are you a grooming virgin? Not to worry, we have prepared a list for you with the top grooming methods so that you don’t have to search for anything.

1. MANSCAPING: Practical and Polite

Hair removal for men, aka ‘manscaping’ does not only improve your looks, but it’s a matter of manners as well. When your partner spends all this time taking care of their body’s appearance and health, wouldn’t it be impolite of you to not make the effort?
One of the most efficient and popular ways for hair removal has always been waxing. It leaves the skin soft and luminous, and lasts almost 10 times as long as shaving, since it gets rid of the hair from its root.
Apart from being the most convenient method of hair removal for the holiday period, it is also a very good way to have your body soft and slick throughout the year, without going into too much trouble. Are you maybe thinking that it must be really painful? With the expertise of our seasoned waxing professionals you don’t have to worry about pain at all.
Hair removal by waxing is perfect for chest and back hair, as well as for smaller areas like a monobrow. If it is your first time trying out waxing, consider arranging a first taster session with our experienced waxing experts. We can answer any question you might have, discuss with you, and suggest the best hair removal solution, so that you won’t have to worry about anything.

2. FACIAL Treatments for Men

The benefits of facials are numerous for both men and women, and facial skin care is equally necessary for both. However, as our facial experts have explained, it should be noted that since male skin has many differences to female skin, with thickness, hair, and higher oil production being only few of them, men need a different approach to skincare. Depending on your individual skin needs and issues, we can create a unique and individually adjusted treatment for you, that will take care of every problem your skin might have, and cater to every one of its needs whether it is aging, dryness, oiliness, or spots.
A facial can alleviate and sooth the skin after an eventful shaving session. It can also help prepare the skin for shaving by smoothing out any bumps or skin irritation, and make shaving a very quick and painless experience. Last but not least, facials are extremely relaxing and refreshing and can provide long term improvement to your complexion and pores.
Create Your Beauty takes care of your skin by offering specialised facials that are individually tailored to you and your skin’s needs. Our expert team of experienced professionals in men skin issues, will allay every one of your concerns, and leave your skin feeling as smooth and as healthy as a baby’s.

3. Maintain a sharp mind and harmonious body through massage

It's no secret that Massages are incredibly revitalising and ideal for helping anyone re-cooperate any lost energy due to a particularly demanding week at work. It's all fine lifting weights every other day striving for that coveted v-tapered figure not to mention drinking 10 cups of coffee a day to cope with insane workloads but these exertions all build up. If you're not careful before long you will find both you physically and mental capabilities severely compromised. For this reason we encourage clients of our beauty salon in Watford to take care of their bodies and also their minds, and to reap the benefits of a deep tissue massage to unlock tight muscles that might contribute to stress. We also offer the unique service of a flotation tank which really has to be experienced to understand it's ability to clear your mind by separating you from the world and it's demands for a window of time.

Easy tips to organise your grooming habits
- Establish a routine, and eventually just like brushing your teeth these practises become a habit.
- Use the right products for your skin type. If you have a female partner you may be tempted to borrow her products but be warned men have very different oil balances etc than a woman so this is not advised.
- Shave properly (I.E not against the grain) to achieve a smooth, with less cuts & irritation. Use a before and after shaving product to prep and care for you skin.
- Don't leave booking for events such as weddings or birthdays until the last minute as you will often find our Watford beauty salon is very popular and gets booked out quickly.
- Understand that some treatments are cumulative and may take a few sessions to really notice the effects (similar to tanning) so think about regular visits.
- Make sure that you are applying a moisturiser to you skin everyday and even more importantly make sure it has at least 15 SPF to help protect against the ageing effects of sun exposure. (Yes even in England!)

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