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Beauty treatments and massage during your pregnancy

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Being pregnant is a truly beautiful time in every woman's life but you may not always feel that way, which is usually a good time to pay a visit to your favourite beauty salon in Watford. As wonderful a time as pregnancy can be, it's no great mystery that it can also be very uncomfortable, hormonal and overall can just leave you feeling like your in a body you don't recognise any more. Your maternal priority may be to take care of your baby during this time but we believe it's also important for the mother to take care of herself too so what better excuse for a bit of premium pampering courtesy of one of our beauty and massage professionals.

Look after your feet with a massage treatment to ease aches and pains

The further into your pregnancy you go the more strain is placed on both your legs and feet due to the extra weight you're lovely baby bump brings.
Many soon to be mothers notice a lot of swelling in their feet due to this extra baby induced load. Not only is there increased strain experienced but not having the flexibility in the later stages of your pregnancy, even to be able to reach any sore areas to apply treatments becomes a real burden. You may find your feet becoming more dry than usual and in desperate need of moisturising but you can't reach! We can help buffer away any dry skin and apply the very best moisturiser to bring you the extra comfort you need during these sensitive times.

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We also stock many beauty products geared towards treating dry skin in areas where the skin might be tougher and rougher from increased use.

Relax your entire body to a carefully applied pregnancy massage

Although your feet will definitely know that your pregnant so will the rest of your body and the daily wear and tear isn't so kind to just attack the soles of your feet. Rigid hips, aching and stiff backs and eternally sore and tired thighs are responsible for many uncomfortable days and nights. Let one of our massage therapists carefully relieve you of your discomforts with a full body massage fit for a goddess, because at no time in your life do you deserve that title and special treatment as you do right now. An unbelievable amount of tension can build up in the lower back and hips but we promise you that after you leave our beauty salon you will feel a million times more relaxed.

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You can choose of course to have a full body massage or to have the focus be on your
back, neck and shoulders. We're here to help make you feel amazing so it's totally up to you how we go about that. When doctors tell you stress isn't good for the baby it's true so we make sure to wash all of yours away. We specialised massage oils created specifically for unique requirements of pregnancy massages.

Improve your pregnancy complexion with a facial

It's no secret that the dramatic change in your bodies hormone levels can mean a drastic change to your skins complexion. Many women find they have flair ups reminiscent of their teenage years with additional oil (sebum) being produced which might render your current skin care routine useless as well as making it nearly impossible to get your make-up to sit as you need it to. All of this is to be expected and there are measures you can take to reduce any noticeable changes in your skins complexion.
We are able to offer facial treatments that cater towards the extra sensitivity your skin experiences during pregnancy and as such use treatments and products that have the optimal concentration of oils and ingredients that will be the kindest to your skin. We avoid using any products with ingredients that are more likely to cause an undesired reaction and instead use products that are approved for use on pregnant women. For the ultimate relaxation experience why not combine a facial with a head, neck and shoulders massage to really help you unwind after your tiring day carrying around your baby bump, if you're close to Watford city center then pay a visit to our beauty salon. https://createyourbeauty.co.uk

Is it OK for me to have waxing performed during my pregnancy?

Just because your pregnant doesn't mean you should have to stop your usual beauty routine, of course there might be a few changes needed but overall you will find that you can continue as usual. Some people are concerned about if they can still have unwanted hair removed via waxing treatments and the answer is yes! Reaching your legs to shave can become a real chore when your whole body feels like it's made out of stiff wood so instead of putting yourself through the discomfort come and visit us in Watford and let us take care of you quickly and painlessly.
When the rest of your body is acting unpredictably you might take comfort in knowing that you can still keep yourself smooth and comfortable throughout the day by completing a professional waxing session. If you are close to labour many ladies like to come in for a bikini wax just to make sure they feel confident and comfortable on their special day.
As you can see there is no reason you have to abandon your beauty regime in spite of being pregnant, if you would like to know any more information about how we cater specifically for pregnant ladies, simply get in touch today and speak to anyone of our friendly beauty and massage professionals in Watford.

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